Monday, April 18, 2011

Last night Cameron and I found a box at my parents' titled "childhood memories." We proceeded to find all sorts of funny things including my journals from elementary school. Though posting this demonstrates my less-than-kind nature as a child, it's too funny to not post: (original punctuation and spelling included)

Oct. 11, 1993
I HATE Adam Smith hes rood ugly and dumb and does not know what 12x12= is it's 144. He guested 164 and I asked him the next day he sad 154.

Oct. 18, 1993
Well to tell you the trouth I have a crush on Adam Smith.

Ha ha ha. It's weird to think I used to be a little kid and think that way. Too funny.


  1. hahahaha that really made me laugh. i remember adam smith! I think I always thought he was really cute.

  2. That's hilarious, Steph! I LOVE Adam!!!

  3. HAHAHAHA I love it! I came across an old calendar I kept in my childhood journal that kept track of which days I slept with which teddy bears so that none of them would feel left out...cracked me up!

  4. Who didn't have a crush on adam smith?

  5. Steph! It's Kenna...Klarissa gave me the link to your blog. Congrats on the baby! That is so, so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby boy. We have so much to catch up on...amazing what can happen in 5 years. I think that last time we talked was right before you left on your mission. Crazy! I've missed you! Let's talk or email soon!

  6. LOL!! Can I link to this on FB??