Sunday, July 25, 2010

More California

We have had the most wonderful summer so far! We're so lucky. We are loving our time in California. We're not used having so much free time to hang out together. Cameron gets home at 6 and we can have fun the rest of the night. Our weekends are completely free, which we've been taking full advantage of.

Some more of the things we've done so far...

We went to the De Young Museum in San Francisco for an incredible exhibit of impressionistic art (my favorite!). The paintings were all from the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. I've been there before, but it was Cameron's first time seeing paintings from master painters in person. It was wonderful. We saw a few of my favorite painter, Degas. I also found a new love for Manet. We love being so close to San Francisco where there is always so much going on.

We spent a weekend with Cameron's aunt and uncle, Kelly and Dave, and their two sons Iain and Wyatt. We had SO much fun! It was my first time to really spend a lot of time around this wonderful family and get to know them. I really fell in love with each one of them and am so grateful I married into such a fantastic family. We had a fun weekend of swimming, chatting, eating great food, church, and settlers of catan (my first time playing!).

Wyatt, Cameron, Me, and Iain

We are SO lucky to have so much family in the area. Cameron's dad Greg works here every week--this last week he took us to dinner in San Francisco at the pier at a super nice restaurant called Scoma's. We had delicious seafood. We were lucky enough to have Grandma Liz come along too.

Speaking of Grandma Liz...

We just spent a wonderful weekend staying with her and Grandpa Harlee. They always make us feel so welcome and we have so much fun staying with them. Harlee is always pulling funny faces for pictures.

We took a trip to Bodega Bay and had the most delicious crab cakes, crab sandwiches, and clam chowder. We each ate about three was worth it!

Cameron's always talking about this ice cream place in Sebastopol called Screamin' Mimi's. I'm pretty strict with my junk food consumption so it's taken a while to convince me to try it, but I decided yesterday was the day. It was SO good!!! I look pretty excited because I haven't had good full fat and sugar ice cream for so long.

The only downside of the weekend was that we didn't get to see Cameron's dog Abby who currently lives in Sebastopol with a friend. We drove to the house and the lady who takes care of Abby wasn't home. However, Cameron was able to wave hi at Abby through the door's window.

We spend a LOT of time in the car...which I'm learning to like. We're always driving somewhere on the weekend. It gives us lots of time to catch up.

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  1. Those crab sandwiches are AMAZING!!! One of my favs forsure! It looks like you guys are having so much fun! Im glad your getting to know the fam!