Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mom and Abby's Visit

A couple weeks ago, my mom and Abby came to visit for a few days. I was SO happy to have some company during the day while Cameron's at work! We had so much fun going around and doing all the touristy stuff in the area.

Day 1: Santa Cruz

Day 2: San Francisco

I forgot my camera! I was so sad. We had a great day with delicious sour dough bread and clam chowder, Ghiardelli Chocolate, street performers, and lots of shops. It was fun to be able to do the touristy stuff with people...since Cameron is from here, he thinks all that stuff is a little lame. :)

Day 3: Half Moon Bay

We found some jelly fish on the beach and put them back in water to more closely examine them.

Day 4: Sausalito & Cookies

This is how we have to make cookies in our place...we have no mixing bowl and our cookie sheet is too big to fit in the oven. Who knew you could stick a frying pan in the oven?!

I had SUCH a fun time! I have the best mom and littlest sister in the world. :)

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  1. How fun! I love your cookies... so... innovative!