Sunday, April 1, 2018

January-March 2018 highlights

Andy's lego obsession began

Isaac next door and Violet have the sweetest bond.
 Andy performed in his first solo piano recital! He played 19 Suzuki pieces and did an amazing job.

He wanted a dragon/music cake. :) 

We got an aquarium season pass!

I went to a conference called Alt Summit with my friend Megan. This is when we met Minka Kelly!

Andy won the Luge contest at school!

Max got very into super heroes.
 A couple pictures from our Crab Feed with the Lee Family!

They have the sweetest bond. 

My parents' dog Josie was hit by a car. :( This is at her graveside ceremony.
 A zoo trip:

Cutest neighbor kids.

Max built a lot of "leopards" with his legos.

Violet is doted on by all the neighbor kids.

Violet fell on me while I was taking a nap and gave me a black eye. 

Max is the cutest ever when we do family scripture study. He mostly spends his time underlining.

His fashion sense is on point.

We got two new cousins! Penny (pictured) and James (not pictured).

Violet's first time with pig tails!

Andy organized an Easter Egg Hunt for all the neighborhood kids.

We went to the Thanksgiving Point Easter Egg Hunt.

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