Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Summer Vacations

We went to Jackson Hole with my family and to Park City with Cam's family this past summer. We had SO much fun! Some highlights:
Funniest picture of Max who LOVED this fox on the porch of the house we stayed at.  The house was actually in Victor, ID and it was amazing. So many fun mornings with the kids running wild. 
Andy talked Grandpa Mark into paying for him to try this. It took him a while to catch on, but he loved it!
We took the ski lift up the mountain and went on a little walk to enjoy the most gorgeous views. This was at a ski resort in Idaho...the name isn't coming to me right now. Targhee maybe?
We did the classic boat ride to Jenny Lake. Cute Maxy and Sara.
Cute Andy being silly around the house. Andy's favorite things were riding his new bike around the property and doing treasure hunts.
Wiffle ball has become a sort of tradition on our family trips. It used to be a really competitive thing, but of course it's evolved more and more each year to be about the kids. :)
My kids are so lucky to have the cutest aunts and uncles. This is Max on our hike to the waterfall at Jenny Lake. 
The cutest picture ever of Andy at the waterfall.
The fox makes an appearance again. Cute cousin shot!
We stayed at the Marriott Mountainside for a few days with Greg, Kathy, and Brendan, and of course had a blast!
We did a little hike to this pond from Guardsman's Pass. SO PRETTY. Andy wanted to go fishing, so we tried but didn't catch a thing. Still, the cutest little fisherman.
We live in such a gorgeous state.
Maxy and I watching the fishing.

He couldn't be any cuter, right?
Andy always asks me to take his picture by everything. :)
These boys adore their grandparents.
Alpine Slide! Max was terrified at first then enjoyed it by the end.

Cam went on a fishing trip to Northern California with his dad and brother I've got to throw in here too:
I wasn't there, but I've heard Brendan brag a lot about this fish.

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