Saturday, April 2, 2016

Europe: Rome

We had that most incredible european adventure back in January with our good friends Jason and Kasee! Back in August they invited us to tag along, and we knew we couldn't say no! We picked Rome and Barcelona and started the planning. I'd been to both cities before, but Cameron hadn't been to either one. We LOVED traveling with Kasee and Jason and seriously had the best time. 

Day 1: Colosseum and Forum
Kasee converted us to the selfie stick during the trip. Seriously useful! :)

We started out visiting the Colosseum and the Forum on our jet lagged Day 1. 

I guess we started out on the "wrong" side of the Forum, and the by the time we made it over to the traditional side, it was closing and they were forcing us out. But in a typical Stephanie move, I hid and snuck past them. Kasee and Jason followed..but Cameron chickened out. Too much of a rule follower, I guess. :)

Day 2: Tivoli (Villa d'Este), Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain
Our second day in Rome, we headed to Tivoli and had the best day! I think we all agreed it was our favorite Rome day. It's a little city about 45 minutes outside Rome. It was so fun to be somewhere smaller and more local. We wandered around Villa d'Este and it was gorgeous, especially the gardens. 

How I love this sweet friend of mine! 

I have no idea why I'm making this face. But we were in the midst of guessing the price of all the designer window display clothing in the Spanish Steps area.
Day 3: Campo D'Fiori, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Vatican & St. Peter's
Cam met a little friend in the market.
Rome is the most beautiful city! Entering into Piazza Navona.
Cam and I got photobombed by these crazies outside the pantheon. 
The prettiest streets! 
Jason's twin in the Vatican Museum.
Inside St. Peter's.
Beautiful St. Peter's.
We ate at amazing restaurants every night. I think we were a little sick of pasta by the end of our days there. :) We made reservations at a bunch of places that looked good. Which was a great idea, except that we had SUCH a hard time finding things. Maps in Rome aren't terribly accurate.
Day 4: Park
On our last morning, we went to the Park and rented a little golf cart. (We were soooo tired by this point.) It really was super fun and was the perfect way to end the trip!

The view from the park.
Our little cart! The horn didn't work, but I kept all the pedestrians safe by yelling "beep beep." We've got to do our part to keep up the obnoxious American reputation! ;)

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