Sunday, June 1, 2014

January, February, & March

Some updates from the first few months of the year:

  • We had a fun Texas friend get together at the Craguns' house when the Cavanaughs came in town! 
  • We bought a membership to Discovery Gateway, so we had lots of visits there with my mom and with friends, too. It helped us survive the cold, winter months when we couldn't play outside much.

  • We went on some very cold January walks to try to stay sane. 
  • Andy went on a date with Cameron to get frozen yogurt. 
  • We enjoyed having lots of play dates with friends we're happy to live by again! I'm loving living by Amy (BYU friend), Andrea (Texas friend), Lindsey (Texas friend), Katie (High School friend), Jessica (High School/ward friend), Emily (mission companion), Melissa (DECA/BYU friend), and others my sleep-deprived brain is forgetting. :) 
  • We had many fun dinners at both of our parents' homes.  
    Andy loves Uncle Brendan.
  • We visited the Bountiful library a few times for story time.  We stopped going after a while because of Max's morning nap/Andy ran around like a crazy person and I was sick of chasing him, but I'm glad we went, because I was unexpectedly reunited with my high school friend Katie, and we've hung out a few times since then! Also, I met a fun playgroup from our neighborhood that's been so kind to invite us to lots of activities.  
  • Andy watched a fair amount of Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies. (Utah in the winter with kids...a little on the rough side.) 
  • I judged a couple piano competitions and really enjoyed that! 
  • I started teaching piano mid-March and love, love, love it.  As of now, I have four students. (Including an adult student! Which I love!) 
  • We bought a car! It was so great to become a two-car family again.  We love our Nissan Rogue!
  • Andy started Kindermusik classes.  The course just finished.  We had such a great experience and had so much fun! Andy loved running around with Olivia, the stamps at the end, the blanket hammock, and his wonderful teacher Miss Kim.  
  • We had a fun saturday outing to the zoo with Cameron's family. We introduced them to our favorite Thai place, Sawadee, for lunch.  
  • We enjoyed having some wonderful people come visit for dinner/dessert.  Cameron's parents, my parents, the Morgans, the Craguns, the Cramers, Grandma and Grandpa Lee, the Melnychuks, and the Maxwells.  
  • We had a really fun dessert night with the Joneses.  
  • Dave and Kelly came in town, so we celebrated with the Lee family for a weekend. We went to see Austin in Pride & Prejudice at BYU (he was the best Mr. Bingley ever), had a family dinner at Greg's and Kathy's where Andy had the time of his life with his cousins, and then had another dinner at Kevin's and April's.  Can we just say how much we love living by family?! 
    Sloan introduced Andy to the art of Cheetos.
  • We both received church callings. I'm a miamaid advisor in Young Women, which is pretty much the best calling ever.  Cameron is an Elders Quorum teacher and Assistant Ward Clerk over finances.  
  • We started being able to really enjoy walks and the new park by our house in March.  Life. Saver.  And picnics at the park are even better. 
  • As usual, Andy dabbled in all sorts of shenanigans, both at my parents' house and our new house.  (Not pictured: the $200 video baby monitor Andy threw in the toilet. Also, the new humidifier he ruined. Or the dresser he knocked over. And the other hundreds of things he destroys each day. Good thing we love him. ;)

    This is what happens when your toddler stores tupperware in the oven and you mistakenly turn the oven on. This may have happened TWICE.  And it took hours to scrape it all out of the oven. 

    Will he ever outgrow this? Please, oh please?
  • We had some fun visits with my grandparents.  I'm so grateful to have three of my four grandparents still alive and living close by!

  • We put up a wall in our house! Best decision ever. 
  • I went with my mom and Abby to see "Bring It On," the musical. And I fell in love with Red Vines the same night.  (I was previously a "Twizzler Only" kind of girl.) 
  • Andy learned how to play hide 'n seek, which is now his favorite game. 

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