Sunday, June 15, 2014

April & May

Spring was pretty great around here! Some fun things we did...

  • We celebrated Greg's birthday at a delicious Greek restaurant.  
  • We had my family over for breakfast and watched General Conference. 
  • I went to see Les Mis at Hale Centre Theater with my sister Rachel.  It was amazing.  I still can't believe that was a local production. 
  • We had a fun dinner with Grandma Lee at Cous Cous.  Scott and Nicole and their cute kids came too. 
  • Our wonderful friends Kasee and Jason came in town from Texas.  I got to go to Kasee's baby shower with some other Texas friends; so fun to celebrate their beautiful little girl!  We also got to have them over for dinner at catch up.  We miss them sooooo much.  
  • Easter was so fun!  Holidays with kids are just the best.  We did our own little traditions at home with Andy--colored eggs, made him an easter basket, and hid the eggs we decorated.  We did an egg hunt at my Messick grandparents' house, did a hunt at my parents' house, and did a big family party at Cameron's parents complete with another egg hunt.  Yes...that's four egg hunts.  Andy was in heaven because egg hunts are pretty much his favorite thing ever.  We're now almost two months past Easter, and he still asks us to hide eggs almost every day.  He even hides them for us sometimes. :)  

    Andy's basket.  Yes, I'm one of those lame moms who gives books (from DI) and only one treat.

    Cute matching brothers in their Easter outfits.

    Max's first egg hunt.
  • Our fun neighbors the Taggarts invited us over to make s'mores.  
  • Sara got back from Jerusalem!  It's been so fun having her around. 
  • After working some insane hours for a while, Cameron took a day off work for some family time.  We had the best day!  We went to Discovery Gateway in the morning, to the Rec Center for swimming in the afternoon, and to our favorite place for dinner, Plates and Palates.
  • No pictures, but my sisters Rachel, Sara, and I did a makeup class at Sephora one saturday morning where we learned highlighting and contouring.  Considering we didn't even know what those were before attending the class, I'd say we learned a lot!  It was fun to have some sister time. 
  • I had a really fun ladies night with some Texas friends to celebrate Lindsay's birthday.  It's always so fun to get together! 
  • We had a really fun miamaids party at the Rec Center.  Basically, I got to spend my night kid-free, sitting in the hot tub and going down the slide=pretty much the best night ever. 
  • I went to dinner with good friend Jessica just before she moved.  It's been so fun spending time with her!  I'm so bummed to not have her close. 
  • Mother's Day!  I'll just say it wasn't my favorite day; I had to speak in church and teach Young Women's. (I don't think they should ask a mom to speak on Mother's Day. Am I right?) Cameron still made it nice--he made me a yummy breakfast and gave the best present ever: a ladies night that happened a couple weeks later with pedicures, manicures, dinner at the Dodo, and a movie.  Later that day, we did double dinners, first with my family and then with Cameron's.  
  • Cameron and I went to the Nickel Creek concert.  We have loved them for forever, so it was amazing to see them reunited and live. 
  • We hosted a Texas reunion party when our friends the Bradshaws were in town.  It was so great to see everyone! I loved watching all those kids playing together.  The Smiths, Reicherts, and Craguns came along with the Bradshaws.  We had a blast. 
  • We went to Discovery Gateway with my cousin Nichole and her cute kids.  It's so fun seeing family more often!
  • Andy attended his first birthday party!
  • We spent a really lovely sunday afternoon on temple square. The weather was perfect.

Andy was waving to Jesus.
  • We had a great Memorial Day.  We went on a fun hike in Farmington with my family and finished the day with a barbecue. 
I promise the hike was prettier than it looks here.
Cutest picture of Max on the swing.
This is Andy being king of the rock on our hike.
  • I need to document the crazy amount of gardening and yard work that went on.  Cameron has developed quite the green thumb!  He loves working out there.  (I'm lucky he likes to do it, because I don't.  Too many family nights spent weeding growing up, I guess!) We're growing tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, green beans, strawberries, basil, artichokes, cilantro, raspberries, and blackberries.  We also planted a peach tree and two apple trees.  
  • Cameron took a trip to San Francisco with his friends (and co-workers) Blakely and Joel for a work conference. They went a little early and had a great time hiking and seeing the city. 
  • We had lots of family visits!  We had a great visit to see G.G. (Cameron's grandma.) Andy loves her! 
  • My poor sister Rachel had terrible jaw surgery in May.  The up side was that we got to see her a lot while she recovered!  We went to the zoo one day together.  I talked and talked and talked while she listened and listened and listened.  (Since her jaw was wired shut.)
I love seeing this lion!  I remember it from when I was little.  
He always wants to ride the ladybug.  (Which is actually a grasshopper.) 
  • My mom completed the St. George Half Ironman.  Isn't she amazing?
  • We had many fun visits to the Park!  At least once a day, sometimes twice. 
  • And, as usual, lots of Andy shenanigans. 
    Is there anything cuter than a toddler bum? I think not.

    What, you don't eat your cheese like this? ;)  I've caught him doing this numerous times.


  1. I loved this! So many cute pictures. I love that one of Andy waiving to Jesus :)

  2. Speaking on Mother's Day, when you're a young mother of two? Absurd!

  3. It was so fun to see you - thanks for having us over!