Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo Shoots

We had some super cute pictures taken of the kids back in November.  My sweet friend Kasee came to take some newborn pictures of Max when he was a couple weeks old.  And then we went to Fotofly a few days after we moved back to Utah.  Neither child cooperated very well (Andy went through three bags of fruit snacks as bribes), so I was pleasantly surprised to have some pictures I liked!  Here are some highlights:

From Kasee:

How handsome is this kid?!
Andy with Uncle Jason.  Best buddies!

And Fotofly:

This is what Andy does when you tell him to smile.  :)

This is the only way we could get them to take a picture together.  :)  Andy wouldn't touch him!

This one is my favorite.
Love his crossed eyes! :) 


  1. So glad I got a few cute ones! I love the fotofly ones-they are so cute! I hope I can find a place like that here in Austin when I'm ready for my newborn shots. Two cute boys-lucky you and lucky them to have you as their momma!

  2. Cute cute pictures!! Love them all! Can't believe how fast they are growing up!