Monday, October 1, 2012

Parks, Noorder Markt, & Our 1st Family Bike Ride

We've been having so much fun here lately! Andy and I have been stopping by museums during the day to switch things up a bit.  So far we've been to the Amsterdam Museum and to the Museum of Bags and Purses. Andy and I found a new playground at the Vondelpark that's a bit more age appropriate.  He had a blast reuniting with swings and discovering the sandbox for the first time. 

Friday night we had a really fun ward barbecue.  We got to the area a little early, so we killed some time walking around a gorgeous little park.     

Saturday morning we headed to a market in the Jordaan area called the Noorder Markt.  We tried some delicious pastries and other good food and also got some delicious (cheap!) fruit.  We also got a baby seat put on Cam's bike for little Andy.  For those who don't know, Amsterdam is very bike friendly!  That's pretty much how everyone gets around.  There's special bike lanes and everything.  What's really crazy is that it's very normal to see people with 2 (or more!) kids on their bikes.  They can put special seats on the front, on the back, and they even make special bikes--box bikes--that can hold a few kids.  Anyway--we'd been debating whether or not it would be worth it to get a seat for Andy or not because it'll mostly be winter while we're here (and the seat is 100 euros), and we're not sure how often we'll use it.  We decided if we were really going to plunge into the dutch way, we should just do it! We weren't sure if Andy would like it, but he really loves it.  Saturday afternoon Cam took us on a bike ride to his work so he could show us how he gets there each day.  It's about a 30 minute commute.  Such a cool ride!  On the way back, we stopped at another park where Andy fell in love with the slide.  He couldn't stop laughing.  It was adorable.  Anyway, we're so glad we got the bikes.  We even road them to church yesterday.  (Usually we take a tram.)  It's about a 30 minute ride and is beautiful.  I think we'll  be doing it most sundays from now on. 
A crepe at the market.
First time on the bike!
*No one here really wears helmets, so we're having a hard time finding one for Andy.  Don't judge us! We're still looking.
In front of Cam's work. 

How cute is he in his new hat?! I bought one that ties under his chin, hoping this would discourage him from pulling it off.  (Like he does with every other hat.)  So far so good! 

I'm embarrassed to admit Saturday was my first time on a bike in Amsterdam.  I can't believe I waited so long.  It was a blast! This is in Spui Square.  Look at all those bikes!
Some pictures of kids and bikes here, so you can see what I'm talking about: 
A box bike.


  1. So...most people in Amsterdam have awesome legs! I am so excited for your adventure. I think I know a certain grandma Messick who would love to buy little Andy and helmet and ship it to him! Next time you see your mom, squish her for me.

  2. I kind of suspect, that if you want a helmet for Andi you are going to have one shipped from the states. Here is a blog post on different ways bicycling with Children. Not a single helmet in sight.

  3. I am in LOVE with Andy's coat and hat. SO CUTE! Also, how fun that everyone bikes everywhere. Your life is awesome. :)

  4. okay Andy looks SO cute in all of these! I love his hat, coat, and little brown european shoes. How fun that you rode bikes to church! Mom and dad haven't even done that...

    1. Christine, I think church would be too far for mom and dad to ride to.

  5. Andy looks darling in that hat :)

  6. You've been doing a lot! I want to hear more about this Museum of Bags and Purses... I love that you are biking and of course Andy loves it, going so fast on a bike. Yay!