Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Amsterdam Home, Part 2

I'm finally showing the beautiful upstairs of our home here.  It has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  It definitely has its quirks, most notably that the washer and dryer are both tucked away in Andy's room, which I've already complained about.  The other weird thing is storage space.  Our bedroom has loads and loads of drawers, but no closet where we can hang things up.  Andy's room has a huge closet to hang things up in but basically no drawers.  Not our favorite.  Also, our bedroom doesn't have a door.  I guess it's not the worst thing ever; we're just thrilled Andy's room does have a door.  From the pictures, we weren't sure it would.  Anyway, we do love it!  It's a cool loft style.  We love the exposed beams.  We love that there's a shower and a tub in the bathroom.  We love being on the top of the city. Now for some pictures!
Our Bedroom:
The window looks over the Kalverstraat, the big shopping street.  (Same view as our family room.)

Hallway & Stairs:

From our room looking into Andy's room. Stairs on the left, bathroom on the right.
I'm surprised I haven't fallen yet.

Andy's Room: 

Little bit of a story here.  Before we got here, they said they'd put a crib in Andy's room for him, so I didn't bother shipping one over.  Nice, right?  Well, we get here and this crib must seriously be an antique.  It looks like it's from 1950.  Probably breaking all sorts of current crib regulations.  Probably has lead paint.  And it couldn't be lowered and was stuck at the height you use for newborns.  So, we headed to ikea!  It's about 30 minutes away, first with a tram ride and then a train ride.  Just imagine us carrying a giant, heavy, awkward box all the way home.  It was entertaining to say the least.  But, the happy ending--we eventually made it, and Andy has a safe crib now.

This lovely picture of Jesus replaced the painting of a nude women that was here when we moved in.

The view from Andy's window.

The Bathroom: 

There's a cool skylight above the bath you can't see here.


  1. It's so quaint! Can I just say I'm quite proud that two of my gifts to Andy made it all the way to Amsterdam!

  2. Wow your home is so quirky, I love it! and I'm so excited you're enjoying your European adventure! and loved your post about your family bike ride! I love riding bikes in Europe! We hired a tandom in Bruges before and cycled to Holland (Sluis) one morning for pancakes, it only takes a few hours! if you go back you should definitely try it, you get to cycle along this awesome canal and it's really beautiful! Also if you go back to Bruges you definitely need to go to the place which serves the BEST hot chocolate in the world, it's called the 'all in' hot chocolate and you get a giant mug of milk and a chocolate barrel full of chocolate buttons that you submerge into your milk and mix in and then there's tons of yummy stuff on the side of the plate, brownies, cookies etc.. to eat with it! It's amazing! and was one of the highlights of our trip, it's from a place called 'The Old Chocolate House'. Also we drove one day to the seaside town of Den Haan which was a really cute place, it was winter when we went but I'd imagine it would be even more awesome in warmer weather too!