Saturday, November 5, 2011


We had a really fun Halloween this year. The festivities actually began the Friday before Halloween with our ward party. We found this adorable chicken costume for Andy, so we decided to make a theme of it and be farmers. It was such a fun party! There was a chili cook-off, a bake contest (which I sadly didn't win), and a bunch of other stuff. As you can tell, we don't know how to use our camera.

On actual Halloween, we went to a party thrown by our good friend Kasee. She threw such a fantastic party...I decided I'm never going to host anything again because it would just look horrible to everyone after going to her party! (You should all check out her fantastic food blog: We did a little costume change so Andy could wear the adorable pumpkin costume that my mom gave him for Christmas last year (before he was born).

And what better way to introduce our new friends than to show them in their costumes?
Juan and Cami (honey bear and flower):

Amelia, their beautiful little girl who closed her eyes in every picture I tried to take: (She was dressed up as a bee at the ward party.)

Matt and Andrea (Zombie Steve Jobs and a Witch): sidenote--they had their beautiful little girl Adelaide just 3 days later...yay!

Janssen and Landen sans husbands:

Kasee and Jason: (Cop and Inmate)

Blakely, Lindsey, and Little Charlie: (Jazz fans and a skeleton)

Speaking of Charlie, he is Andy's new best bud!

Sadly, I somehow didn't get a picture of Allison and James who were dressed up as Twitter and Facebook.

Some pictures of the spread:

It was an awesome party--thanks Kasee! We love our new friends here!


  1. Looks like an awesome time. Love all your costumes but I hate to say neither of yours can compete with Halloween of 04 and the swamp hag. :) Also, I was excited to see that you're now friends with two of my friends, Janssen and Cami! How fun.

  2. Love these pictures! Any chance Lindsey and I can get copies?

  3. Noelle, you're right...the swamp hag can never be topped. Oh, the joys of Beowulf. Yeah, I knew you were friends with Cami from freshman year, but I recently noticed you know Janssen too. Small world! By the way--did you happen to get a package from me a couple days ago? I'm mildly concerned I sent it to the wrong place because seemed to think it was a strange address.

    Blakely--of course you can! Do you want them emailed to you? A burned CD? What format works best?

  4. I'm with Noelle, the Swamp Hag getup was the best. Looks like you've made some great friends. Andy's chicken costume was too cute!