Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 2 Months Mr. Andy

Our little Andy is 2 months old! We love him more with each passing day and can't believe what a (time consuming) blessing he is.

At 2 months Andy...
-Is huge! He looks like a different baby. His weight has almost doubled. 11 lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) , 22 1/4 inches (25th), and head circumference in the 85th percentile. He's so chubby! His legs, cheek, and tummy are so fat...we love it. And obviously he's inherited his mom's big head.
-Is so alert. He looks around all the time and loves social situations.
-Loves being sung to! It almost always calms him down. I guess he likes whistling to, but I'm not a good whistler so I leave that to the aunties.
-Is very happy after a good poop. Sometimes he struggles to get them out, bless him.
-Is very smiley! I can't pinpoint the day he had his first smile because in the beginning we weren't sure if they really counted. I would guess at about 5-6 weeks? Now he smiles all the time. Especially when we poke his nose with a binky and make funny noises.
-Has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. And his eyelashes are soooo long! They're gorgeous.
-Spits up all the time. He goes through many many outfits every day.
-Loves his swing. Our sleep book tells us not to, but we let him sleep in it because he'll sleep for so long in it! 5 hours the other day. It was amazing.
-Loves to nurse. We're so happy we've finally figured this out. We had to pump exclusively in the beginning and we're finally to the point where nursing is comfortable and (shock) even enjoyable! This has made all the difference since feeding is such a huge part of life with a newborn.
-Loves walks. They always calm him down.
-Still loves his car seat and sleeping in the car. In fact, he sleeps really well everywhere other than at home.
-Is actually a much better sleeper than I give him credit for. He usually goes back to bed after his night feedings now, which is such a blessing. He eats 3 times a night--once with Cameron. Cam and I are finally sleeping in the same bed again, which is so nice. We're starting to feel more normal. He still saves his long sleeping stretch for during the day rather than night, but overall everything is much better.
-Loves to pee everywhere when I least suspect it. It always surprises me and I scream.
-Makes all sorts of strange noises. We sit and listen in the monitor and laugh at what we call his dinosaur noises.
-Still loves baths.

In no particular order, some pictures from the last while...

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  1. He is so cute! And you are such a beautiful mother!