Thursday, March 12, 2015


Cameron's parents took us to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago.  It was SO FUN.  Andy can't stop talking about it.  And I can't stop thinking about it.  We did a little countdown chain leading up to the trip, so Andy was absolutely bursting with excitement when it was finally the day to go.  We flew out on a Wednesday night.  Andy LOVED flying.  He still says that was the best part of Disneyland.  :) Max did great too.  

It's crazy to me that he thinks this was his first flight. I had the pleasure of flying with baby Andy 25+ times before he was 2.  And when I say "pleasure," I say it with complete sarcasm. Those flights with him were the WORST. Guess he loves it now. :)

Kathy bought Andy the cutest little Peter Pan costume to wear the first day of Disneyland.  He LOVED it.  (In fact, he peed his pants mid-day, and like the great parents we are, we let him keep wearing it because he was so devastated at the prospect of taking it off.)  He was like a celebrity that day!  People were taking pictures with him, everyone was saying, "Hello Peter!" (even the characters in the Parade!).  It was magical.  I think I'm converted to costume wearing while in Disneyland.  (For my kids.  I'm not that brave.)

We spent two days in the parks.  It was perfect.  Both boys were SO good.  Max is a dream.  He misses naps like a champ.  He gets a little loopy and sweet when he's tired, but he doesn't really get mad.  Max seemed to like the rides.  Andy loved the rides.  He loves fast rides and is tall enough for almost every ride.  In fact, I made the mistake of taking him on Tower of Terror.  (Worst Mom of the Year Award goes to me.)  The poor thing was scared to death.  He still talks about how scary the Alligator Ride was.  (alligator=elevator=tower of terror) In fact, the other night he prayed that he could go back to Disneyland, but not the Alligator Ride.  HA. He also did not like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Other than that, he loved every ride.  I think his favorites were the Mickey Ferris Wheel, the swings in California Adventure, the Teacups, Alice in Wonderland (he's obsessed with his movie for some strange reason)...and pretty much everything else.

Our first ride was the Finding Nemo Submarine.  
Poor Greg has had some health challenges lately, so he got to ride this super cool scooter while he was there.  And Andy got to steer sometimes.  Somehow he never crashed into anything. Or anyone.

Teacups Selfie!
Andy having tea with Grandma at Minnie's House.
Andy's favorite part was the "Hoorays." (AKA Parades) We went to the Disneyland Parade one day and the California Adventure Parade the next.  I'm not sure I've ever seen him so excited.  He also LOVED Fantasmic later that night.  He kept saying he wanted to watch the movie in the sky again.

Day 1 left him pretty exhausted. I think he peed his pants (again) on the way home.  Let's just say that costume was ready to be retired after Day 1.
Day 2, here we come! 
Here we are, waiting to go in California Adventure.  I got the opening times wrong BOTH days, so we ended up walking around killing time both mornings.  Ha!  I'm not sure Cameron will ever let me live it down. 
Max did SO well in the carrier waiting in lines. 
Andy on the Mickey Ferris Wheel.  His face would change from delight to terror as the cart would slide.

I think the Zephyr was Max's favorite ride.  He got to sit by himself and had this sweet look on his face the whole time. 

I spy Kathy, Andy, Cameron, and Brendan. 
Brendan made it for our second day of Disney.  My goodness, Andy loves him.
I'm not sure who this lady is, but she loved Andy.  And Max loved her stuffed dog.

The three of us got to hang out in the parks Friday night while Greg and Kathy stayed back with the sleeping boys.  Here we are on Space Mountain, which apparently didn't phase Brendan at all.  We also did California Screamin', Toy Story, and we "enjoyed" the line for Indiana Jones for 40 minutes before we gave up.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip! :)


  1. I have so many comments that I should just call you. I'm glad you guys had such a great time! Tell Andy that Disneyland causes me to wet my pants occasionally, too. And I'm pretty sure my parade face matches his. I'm super impressed that Max was so chill in line. That Peter Pan outfit was perfect. Loved this post!

  2. What a fun trip!! I'm still just dying over Andy's Peter Pan costume. I wish I could have watched him running around all day! And I love that picture of sweet Max on his favorite ride. He is looking so old!

  3. What a fun trip!! I'm still just dying over Andy's Peter Pan costume. I wish I could have watched him running around all day! And I love that picture of sweet Max on his favorite ride. He is looking so old!