Sunday, August 24, 2014


As usual, I'm doing some back tracking.  We had a wonderful month of June!  Here's a little review:

We  Cameron spent lots of time working in the yard. You should see these planter boxes look now: FULL of delicious veggies!  Turns out Cameron has quite the green thumb.  We grew lots of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, basil, cilantro, strawberries, and cucumbers.  He also planted two apple trees, a peach tree, a few raspberry bushes, and a blackberry bush.

We had a great little overnight camping trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon with the Craguns and the Reicherts.  So much fun!  All the ladies and our babies came home early and didn't spend the night, and all the guys stayed and slept over with the toddlers.  It was Andy's first time camping and he loved every minute of it.  He loved spending time with the other munchkins.    

Visits with great-grandparents.  Here's Andy with "Grandma Great."  

Lots of swimming in our kiddie pool and lots of brotherly bonding.  As Andy says about Max, "He loves me!" 

We have the best splash pad in our neighborhood! We went a couple times in June and Andy was so nervous about it all.  He just wanted to hold my hand or sit on the towel.  Now, he loves it and runs around like a crazy person. 

The dinosaur park at City Creek on a rainy day:

We had a wonderful Father's Day around here.  We went out to dinner at Market Street the day before to celebrate Greg. We had dinner on actual Father's Day with my family to celebrate my dad.   The boys and I got Cameron some new shoes and hopefully made him feel special that day with a yummy breakfast.  

My boys and their dad on Father's Day. They sure love him!
We went to Seven Peaks a lot with my mom and Abby.  (We've tried to go just about every week all summer!) The boys have loved it.  Max is quite the water baby.  And Andy is fearless.  He loves that wave pool and is a newfound lover of the kiddy slides.  

We celebrated my mom's birthday up Mueller Park Canyon with a barbecue. Don't I have a beautiful mother?!

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