Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Andy's Birthday Celebrations

Andy was lucky enough to have a few different birthday celebrations!

First, we did a very low-key little party at a local park with a few Texas friends.  Andy loved playing with Charlie and Addy, eating cupcakes, playing with bubbles, and running around.
The babies at the party
Yes, this is the best picture I got of his guests.  Andy refused to be in a picture by this point.  Throwing a tantrum about something.  
The mama guests. (So glad Jen was in town!)
Our birthday boy with the beautiful lashes pictured with his orange cupcakes.  (Orange is his fav. color.)

That night, we went to the Little America in Salt Lake for some swimming and dinner with Cameron's parents, Brendan, and G.G.  
Max LOVES to swim.

On his actual birthday, we had the house decorated with streamers and balloons when he woke up, which he loved.  He opened gifts from us.  He'd been saying he wanted a scooter for his birthday for weeks.  It was sitting out for him that morning...and he refused to touch it.  Still hasn't really been interested in it.  Ha! :) We went swimming with some of my high school friends that day, which was so fun.  That night, we went to McDonald's to have an ice cream cone and play on the play place.  All in all, he had a great day!  

We had a fun party on sunday with family.  My parents, Cameron's parents, Abby, Rachel, and Brendan all came.  Andy had a blast!  He loved his cake and especially his ice cream.  He was SO excited opening presents.  With every little tear in the paper he'd say, "WOAH! So cool!" etc.  Even when he had no idea what it was.  Greg and Kathy got him a plasma car, my parents got him a T-ball set and a slip 'n slide, Rachel got him Candyland, and G.G. (who couldn't attend) got him a marble track that he adores.  It was such a fun party!  So fun to celebrate our darling Andy with those who love him most.  

He loves this thing.  And he's really good.  (Must get it from his mom.) 
Max loves Aunt Rachel.  

This is Andy at the end of the party.  I'd say he had good time. 
Most excited present opener award.
Trying to figure out the slip 'n slide.

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  1. I can just imagine his excitement opening presents. He is three! I can't believe it. I just love his personality and his vibrancy. The girls miss him. I can't wait to see how they do when they are reunited in a few weeks!