Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jackson Hole

The first week of July, we took possibly the best trip ever to Jackson Hole with my family.  It was so. much. fun.  I don't think it could have gone any better!  We haven't spent much time together as an entire family for quite some time, now that we live in Texas and Christine and Ben live in Ohio.  In fact, I think the last time we really spent time together was the last time we went to Jackson Hole, which was two years ago.  And that visit we had a six-week old, so it wasn't quite the same!  Anyway--we had such a great time.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  My parents rented a beautiful condo in Teton Village and we stayed monday thru saturday.  Prepare for picture overload.

We went to Jenny Lake, took a boat ride, and did a little hike. Andy loved it and did great! In fact, Andy enjoyed pretty much every minute of the whole trip.  He was in heaven having so many people around giving him attention and doing so many fun, new things.  Plus, there were lots of rocks to throw, pretty much heaven for him.  There's nothing more fun than watching your kid have fun.

Andy loved the boat ride!

Look closely: I have cute mom style going on.

Sam and Aunt Sara
We played wiffle ball three times in local parks.  A definite family favorite.  It was especially fun since my team killed the other team every time.  (Have I mentioned I like to win? It's almost as fun as watching how mad Rachel gets when she loses an athletic event.)
Cameron was almost as good as me.
We went river rafting!  This is seriously one of my favorite things in the world to do.  To my great surprise, both my doctor and the rafting company were fine with me doing it while pregnant!  I loved every minute of it. I had to sit in the middle of the boat to minimize falling out risk, but it was still a blast!  Many thanks to Christine for generously watching Andy so I could go.

We went to the 4th of July parade in Jackson, which was super fun with a kid!  He loved every minute of it.  He even thought the pooper scoopers were thrilling.  He especially loved waving his flag and catching (and eating) candy.

Rachel and Sara loved these mountain men.
Andy loves Aunt Sara! (Even though he calls her Rachel a lot.)
My parents went on amazing bike rides every morning.  Have I mentioned that I have the fittest 55-year-olds in the world as my parents?  They're both training for the Lotoja, so they'll be back in Jackson in September. I tease them for being too into biking, but I'm proud of them.  Cameron, Ben, and Rachel went on a ride one afternoon too.

We went to see the Bar J Wranglers!  Major family favorite here.  The food was delicious and the entertainment was hilarious as usual.
Andy was too busy eating his scone to smile.
Cousin hat picture!

Ben, Sam, & Christine: cute little family!
We did some swimming, and Andy got increasingly brave in the water.  He loves to dunk himself, jump around, and open his eyes underwater.

We did some wandering around Jackson.  The ice cream place is our favorite.  We had dinner with some other family that happened to be in town at the same time--so fun to see Laura and her family and Diane and Dave!

We spent lots of time hanging out around the condo, eating ridiculous amounts of snacks and treats.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't take a picture of all the food we had there.  It was insane.  We chatted lots and played mafia one night, which was hilarious.  We ate most of our meals around the condo, which was great.  Many thanks to my mom for planning so many great meals.

Andy and baby Sam (as Andy calls him) spent lots of time playing in the mornings while everyone else slept.  It was so sweet to see these two bond.  Andy loves Sam.  He still talks about him, and thinks all babies are "baby Sam."  It made me less nervous about how Andy will react to the new little one come October.

Andy did this completely unprompted our last morning there.  Cutest thing ever.
And a final group shot.  Mom and dad, thank you so much for generously providing such a wonderful week for us to spend together!


  1. I love all the pictures! Especially the ones with Andy and Sam. Cutest cousins!

  2. Your mom needs to adopt me.......;)

  3. oh man I loved this trip!! I miss you guys! I love that Andy is still talking about Sam :)