Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Den Haag (The Hague)

So I haven't blogged in a while!  Here's why: January wasn't exactly the most exciting month.  We had horrible weather--lots of snow, ice, freezing cold, etc.  (I can hear all you Utahans saying your weather was worse, which may be true.  But here's the thing.  You have cars.  It's a little tricky to leave your house with snow everywhere when you travel on foot!)  Cameron had to go to Texas for 9 days, which took up two weekends.  Possibly the longest 9 days of my life.  And Andy wasn't exactly on his best behavior.  Also, we all took turns getting really sick and spent most of the month trying to regain our health.   And it's the first month we haven't done an overnight trip.  Okay, I'll stop complaining.  We had one weekend to do something fun with Cameron and we were all feeling decent, so we took the hour train ride to Den Haag on Jan. 5 to wander around for the day.  Den Hague is a major business center and is also the seat of the Dutch government and parliament.  The city feels like such a mix of old and new.  We absolutely loved it!  
Den Haag high-rises, seen from the 'Plein,' with the statue of William of Orange.
At the entrance of the Binnenhof, where parliament is located.

The side of Knight's Hall inside the Binnenhof.
The Knights Hall, inside the Binnenhof.  

The Peace Palace.

Paleis Noordeinde, Queen Beatrix' work palace

These aren't in Den Haag, but I had to show evidence of the snow-filled January we had here.  There was actually snow on the ground for about two weeks!  Here it is when it first fell, from our living room window and looking onto our garden terrace:

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  1. I'm so ready for spring! I am glad you got through the long days without Cam. You are amazing for being able to do that in a foreign country, alone and in the miserable weather! I'm glad you are feeling better, sickness with kids should not be allowed. I am glad you got away for at least one getaway! I am excited you are moving back to friends, a car and good weather!