Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, Laundry

Oh, laundry.  Just when I thought you couldn't be any less appealing.  Suddenly all of the settings are in Dutch.  (I've already ruined a few shirts because I washed them in super hot water accidentally.  Oops.) And each washing cycle takes 2+ hours.  Oh, and the dryer takes that long, too.  And each machine fits about a third of the capacity of an American machine. And then both machines are located in Andy's bedroom, which is tricky considering naps and all.  And then the washer is in a little dungeon, as I call it.  (No light, I have to stoop to get in there, makeshift door, etc.)  And then dryer does strange things like make our clothes smoke and require me to empty water after every cycle.  It will be a wonder if we ever have clean clothes here.  Considering my usual weekly four loads will now require 8+ loads, and each load will take 4+ hours (dismal math, I know), I think I can safely guarantee our laundry will ever be "done" here.

Just one of those quirks of living in Europe!  But, good heavens, I am grateful to have these machines.  Especially a dryer, which I only had once on my mission.  So maybe I'll stop complaining. :)
The dungeon that houses our washing machine.  I have to duck to get in there. 
Washing Machine
Our dryer is in a nice little room. 


  1. Odd! How did they get the washer in there?!!!

  2. OH laundry!!! blah! I shall think twice before I complain on laundry day again.

  3. That sounds pretty tough. I'm so grateful for my super capacity washer and dryer. Luckily you won't have that situation forever. :)