Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Utah Visit

We visited Utah from August 3-13 and had a blast!  We spent the first half of our time with my family up in Bountiful, the next half with Cam's family in Cedar Hills, and then a final day with my family up in Bear Lake. 

It was a busy time for my family, and Cam had to work a bunch, but we squeezed in some fun stuff.  We had a trip to the pool, a BBQ on the deck, a late night walk, a trip to the cabin, a visit to City Creek (Cam's first time), a trip to the zoo for my birthday, a visit to my grandparents, a birthday lunch (Cafe Rio), and a birthday dinner (Texas Roadhouse).  Andy and I also got to visit a splash pad with a dear friend, Katie, and her darling little guy Kaden.

The plane ride! Andy was a champ this trip.  
Andy and beautiful Aunt Sara.  We loved seeing her so much! 
Family in the cabin.
Andy and Uncle Dale
Cam and Andy with Grandma Bonnie. 
Hanging out with Katie and Kaden at the splash pad.  Andy loved it!  He was fearless. (Too fearless, in fact.) 
City Creek
Grandma and Grandpa Messick.  Love and miss them.
We love the zoo!  I think we've gone every single visit to Utah this year.  This was the first time Andy really loved it.  
Train ride!

Andy with Grandma & Grandpa Messick. 
Texas Roadhouse for our birthdays!
We had a super fun (and very busy) few days with Cam's family!  We started with a lunch at Kneaders, a big barbeque with Greg's side of the family, family pictures, a visit to the farm at Thanksgiving Point, a birthday dinner at Market Street Grill, lots of wedding events for Cam's sweet cousin Andrea, meeting Ward, Amy, and Garrett (new family members we absolutely love and had so much fun getting to know!), and a Baker family reunion. I also got to sneak in a few visits with friends--I got to get ice cream with Andrea  and Addy and got to visit Marsha and her little guy Ben.  (It made me wish we lived closer to them so Andy and Ben could be best buddies!) 

Andi and Andrea on their wedding day. Such a cute couple!
Andrea and Addy.  Love and miss them! 
Andy's seat of choice.

First pony ride.  He loved it!
Breakfast with Ward, Amy, and Garrett.  It was so great to meet them! 
Ward and Greg, brothers reunited. They look so much alike!
Ben and Andy.  Have you ever seen cuter little boys?! 
Us with Marsha and Ben.  Sure wish we lived closer!
We headed up to Bear Lake for a Messick family reunion for our last day.  (We drove both ways in one day=crazy.)  We had so much fun seeing everyone!  We were especially excited to spend time with Rachel, who returned from Jerusalem a couple days before.

Me and Justin my cousin, my favorite little boy in the world.  (Besides Andy, of course.)  
Andy practicing walking, his favorite activity as of late.   

Sara and Rachel.  


  1. looks so fun! I wish we could have been there with you guys :)

  2. *sigh* You didn't tell me you were coming....sniff, sniff....

  3. this is SOOO much fun. I just read it 2 times, and looked at the pictures 3 times. I'm so glad you guys came!

  4. It looks like you got so much fun stuff crammed into your trip! My favorite is the picture of you and Cam at Texas Roadhouse, you both look thrilled. Ha!