Thursday, December 1, 2011


This year marked the first year we've ever hosted Thanksgiving! I think it turned out really well. Cameron's family flew in for the weekend; we also had Cameron's cousin Aisling join us along with her husband Bryan and adorable boy Carter. It was a late dinner (about 6 PM) which was ctually really nice--it gave us lots of time to do everything. However, near dinner time we had 2 disasters. Disaster no.1: Andy was screaming. And I mean reallllllly screaming. We laid him down to sleep a little too late, so he'd reached the overtired phase and wouldn't calm down. We listened to him scream for the first half of dinner. It was such a relief (to everyone) when he finally fell asleep. Disaster no. 2: Aisling's dog somehow escaped off our deck. Everyone went out to find her for 30 min. or so. Eventually we found her and all was well. Somehow everything stayed warm and dinner turned out well!

Our turkey: (We cheated and didn't make it since we only had one oven to do everything. We got it from Rudy's, an amazing BBQ place. It was sooooooo good!)

My first attempt at homemade rolls. I was so happy they didn't fail miserably.

Cam and I each made a pie. He made chocolate cream and I made tollhouse. They were delish.

We also made jello salad, a green salad, mashed potatoes, and a yummy sparkling drink. And we bought a costco pumpkin pie. Bryan and Aisling brought stuffing, sweet potato pie, homemade pumpkin pie, and an apple onion pie. It was all so good! I wish I would have taken more pictures, but between the hustle of bustle of preparing, Andy screaming, and looking for the dog, it didn't happen. Oh well.


  1. Your table looks gorgeous with the candles and sparkly pumpkin. And wow that turkey looks yummy. Tons of work Steph, you are an old pro now.

  2. Your dinner and table both look so great. I love the candles! I'm glad Andy stopped screaming, and you found the puppy! It sounds like you averted disaster and had a delicious and fun-filled holiday dinner :)

  3. Wow! Go, you! Hosting Thanksgiving with a baby. You're pretty much amazing.