Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andy's First 3 Weeks

What an adventure the past few weeks have been! It's amazing how the presence of this new little person completely changes your world. It is way more of an adjustment than we ever realized it would be, but we're loving it. He screamed solid the first few days home from the hospital, but seems to be more adjusted and happy now. At his 2 week appointment he weighed 6 lbs 13 oz (10 more oz than his birth weight) and 19 3/4 inches. We're definitely seeing him fill out. He has an adorable little gut and his cheeks are getting increasingly chubby.

Andy likes...
-Eating! He eats lots and lots of mom's milk, which makes him very happy and instantly calms him.
-His hands. They are always up by his face. He loves sucking on them.
-Sleeping on his left side.
-His binky. This boy has a strong urge to suck! He also enjoys sucking on dad's pinky and mom's pointer finger.

-The car. He'll be screaming, but as soon as we start driving he's a happy boy.
-His bouncy seat.
-Sleeping all day and partying with mom all night. We already have our favorite tv shows picked out.
-Peeing on dad when he changes the diaper.
-Holding his head up. I'm amazed at how strong he's getting!
-Sitting up.
-Bath time. He wasn't so sure about the first bath, but likes them now.
Pictures of his first bath at home:

Andy hates...
-Getting his diaper changed and getting his clothes changed.
-Tummy time. He doesn't mind the first few minutes but then face plants and gets very frustrated.

Things to remember...
-He is always making all sorts of strange noises. He snorts when he cries. He makes this noise when we put his binky in his mouth like he's going to eat it.
-He is learning to hold his binky in his mouth.
-Everyone comments on his giant hands and long fingers. (Piano hands?!)
-He smiles in his sleep. It's the cutest little smile I've ever seen. I can't wait until he starts doing it intentionally!
-He is so alert! He loves looking around.
-I think his eyes are blue. They seem to be getting bluer all the time.

My reflections thus far...
-Will I ever sleep again?
-Nursing has been way harder than I ever imagined.
-I am amazed at how many clothes Andy goes through and how much laundry I do now.
-I don't know how people have more than one child.

With great-grandma Bonnie:


  1. Darling boy!! And just to answer your question, people can have more than one because they leave their baby in dirty clothes all day! :)
    Also, yes, you will sleep again - sleep whenever he does until he sleeps through the night! Breastfeeding is torture for the first month, but then it becomes the easiest, most convenient, best weight-loss plan imaginable! You can do it!!

  2. Totally agree with breastfeeding being a weight-loss plan. Stick with it cause it gets so much easier with each month! Adorable little guy!!

  3. Ditto to the nursing comment! And I laughed when I hear that Andy pees on Cameron when he changes him. :) Sounds like you're having fun and hope you get more sleep soon! Miss you!